See listings below the tag guns for tag attachments and fastener options.  Don't see what your looking for?  Give us a call and we will get it for you including assorted color tag barbs and different sizes.


Tangle free compatible with regular tagging guns
Always available in 1" and 3" sizes.
5,000 fasteners per box
Colors available 
BUY NOW 1" Regular Fasteners
BUY NOW 3" Regular Fasteners

Regular 1.5" J-Hook fasteners
5,000 per box
BUY NOW 1.5" Regular J-Hook $18.00
Tie Lock Fasteners
Tie Lock Fasteners
Adjustable locking fasteners, clear
5,000 per box
BUY NOW 5" Tie Lock Fasteners $25.80

Barrel Lock Ties
Barrel Lock Fasteners
Self Locking 5" fasteners, 5000 per box 
BUY NOW $14.50

regular tagging gun
Regular Tagging Gun
Standard size quality tagging gun
Part #SH1 $13.50
Dennison V-Tool
Avery Dennison V-tool
The V-Tool™ system with it’s unique dual hook and tag holder eliminates the need to hand apply with fasteners, strings or pins.
V-Tool doesn’t require merchandise to be penetrated by a needle

Part # VTOOL, $65.00


Patriot tagging gun

Patriot - Regular Tagging Gun
Regular tagging gun, Dennison style.
Compatible with same Dennison style needles (same as Mark III).
Industrial quality, accepts both 50 and 100 pcs clip attachments
BUY NOW $16.99
System 1000
Avery Dennison Swiftach System 1000
Tags up to 20 times more product Tags up to 20 times more product
Minimize the opportunity for fasteners jamming
Tag up to 1,000 pieces of merchandise before re-loading
BUY NOW $44.00        

Replacement Needles

K205 Replacement Needles
Dennison style regular replacement needles
    All steel construction
    Compatible with Mark III and Dennison style guns
    4 needles per pack
Part # K205,  $9.99
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SaniCap - Tagging gun needle disinfectant

SaniCap - Tagging Gun Needle Disinfectant

    Each SaniCap® contains 0.6ml of an EPA reg formula that kills HIV, Hepatitis, and other virulent pathogens making the needle incapable of transmitting infections.
There are three critical areas of a tagging gun that must be disinfected to eliminate the risk of infection:
-The outside of the needle
-The inside of the hollow needle.
-The internal metal rod that contacts the inside of the needle.

SaniCaps® disinfect all three critical areas of a tag gun.
4 packs of 10 SaniCaps $19.80, Box of 100 $39.95

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Sani Cap on needle